Richard A Lovett writes and hangs out with runners

Richard A. Lovett is my professional name. Friends know me as Rick. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, including getting a Ph.D., and being a law prof, but these days, I’m primarily a writer and running coach:

Science writing. Credits include Science, Nature, New Scientist, Scientific American, National Geographic News, Cosmos, and Analog Science Fiction & Fact.

Science fiction. My work has mostly appeared in Analog, but I’ve also sold it to Nature, Cosmos, Apex & Abyss, Running Times, Marathon & Beyond, and Podium Runner, and seen it translated into Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Portuguese, and Polish. I’ve also won 13 of Analog’s Analytical Laboratory Awards, which is basically a reader’s choice award, about half for fiction and half for science articles.

Sports writing. I don’t write about the latest scores; I write about how to improve your game–generally in distance running, although I’ve also written about bicycle touring and cross-country skiing, including books about all three sports. I’ve also written for Runner’s World, Running Times, Marathon & Beyond, Competitor, and Peak Performance, Podium Runner, Women’s Running, Outside, and Trail Runner.

• Coaching. I am a USATF Certified Level 2 track & field coach (specialty: endurance running), with an additional certification as a Cross-Country specialist. For nearly 20 years, I’ve coached  Portland, Oregon’s, 220-member Team Red Lizard. Seven times, I’ve also had the privilege of coaching competitors in  the U.S. Olympic Team Marathon Trials. Our group practices are twice a week at Portland’s Duniway Track and are open to adults of all ages and abilities.