1980s Science Fiction…in real life?

A friend sent me this link to youtube. It’s really cool — about a minute. One bit of background info that most of you probably know: Hong Kong isn’t noted for great air quality. But can’t you just see Charlton Heston with one of these in “Soylent Green?”

“Spludge” Reviewed by Tangent Online

My story “Spludge” from the September issue of Analog, just got a pair of good reviews from two very different writers for Tangent online. One reviewer, who pretty much doesn’t like anything (at least in Analog), said it shines. “This romp tries to be delightful rather than hilarious,” he writes. “For fans of mischief.” Which is pretty much correct. “Spludge” is the story of a practical joker who must use his special skills to save the world, and the reviewer is correct that I wanted to story to build into a big grin, not a belly laugh.

The other reviewer calls it an “offbeat story that fans of science fiction humor should enjoy.”  Exactly my goal.

The reviews are online, but I’m not putting in the link because you really shouldn’t read them if you’ve not yet read the story. Spoilers abound.