Richard A. Lovett writes & hangs out with runners

Richard A. Lovett is my professional name. Friends know me as Rick. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, but these days, I’m primarily a writer and running coach. The details are elsewhere on this site, but for now, I’ll cut to the chase:

Science writing. Over the years, I’ve written for a lot of science magazines and websites, including Science, Nature, New Scientist, Scientific American, National Geographic News, and Analog Science Fiction & Fact.

Science fiction. My work has largely appeared in Analog, but I’ve also sold to Nature, Cosmos, Apex & Abyss, and a number of other magazines.

Awards. I’ve won 13 of Analog’s Analytical Laboratory Awards, which is basically a reader’s choice award, split about equally between fiction and science.

Sports writing. I don’t write about the latest scores; I write about how to improve your own game–generally in distance running, though I’ve also written about bicycle touring and cross-country skiing. Mostly, it’s appeared in  Running Times, Marathon & Beyond, and Competitor.

• Coaching. For 15 years, I’ve coached  Portland, Oregon’s, 250-member Team Red Lizard. Seven times, I’ve  also had the privilege of coaching women for the U.S. Olympic Team Marathon Trials—twice each in 2012, 2016, and now, three times for 2020.

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