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Note: sometime soon, I hope to retire this page, but whenever there’s a TV show or podcast it gets hundreds of hits, and I’d rather people get an accurate story, rather than something from a QAnon-style conspiracy site.

Tiffany at the 2011 Shamrock Run, Portland, OR

Eight-and-a-half years ago, my friend and former housemate Tiffany Jenks was murdered.

Since then, her death has produced much discussion on conspiracy websites and talk radio, mostly featuring her ex-boyfriend, John S. Captain, III. There has also been a cable TV show and multiple true-crime podcasts. The purpose of this page is to provide background and quell some of the crazier conspiracy theories.

The basics are simple. On October 8, 2013, Tiffany was found dead at the entrance to Blue Lake Regional Park on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, killed by a single gunshot to the head.

Three people were arrested: Michelle Worden-Brosey, Joshua Robinett, and Daniel Bruynell. From the outset, there were signs it was a thrill kill, with Bruynell as the shooter, possibly egged on by the other two.

Tiffany had multiple college degrees, had been a state-champion 1500m runner, a wilderness firefighter (she liked adventure), and played the cello. But she had been struggling with alcohol and drugs since the death of her father three years earlier, and the intense off-and-on relationship she fell into with Mr. Captain was not the type of thing 12-step programs see as conducive to recovery. On the night of her death she was drinking and would have made an easy victim.

Surveillance tapes from a bar nine miles from where she died showed her and the other three getting into Worden-Brosey’s car at 2:09 am. The shot that killed her was fired sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 am, according to local residents who heard it.

When Worden-Brosey, Robinett, and Bruynell were caught, they were charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, obstruction of justice, and filing off the serial numbers from the murder weapon. The grand jury, however, found insufficient evidence for conspiracy, and the gun charge was dropped because police didn’t know who, specifically, filed off the numbers. That left Bruynell (the shooter) indicted for murder and the other two for obstruction of justice for helping him flee.

All three eventually pled guilty. Worden-Brosey and Robinette got roughly one-year sentences for obstruction (plus another ~5 years for Robinett on an unrelated child-abuse charge involving Worden-Brosey’s daughter). Bruynell accepted an 18-year sentence for the reduced charge of manslaughter.

John Captain and others have complained about the light sentences for Worden-Brosey and Robinett, but the fact is they slipped through a crack in Oregon law. Oregon does not recognize “accessory after the fact” as a crime. Instead, it relies on conspiracy and obstruction. With the grand jury refusing to indict for conspiracy, all that was left was obstruction, which carries a maximum penalty of 18 months. In fact, for first offenders, as these two were, the sentencing guidelines call for no jail time at all. By that standard, a year in jail was a stiff sentence and the prosecutor had to fight to get even that.

Bruynell’s sentence produced even greater anger, again from people unaware of the nuances. Part of the anger came from the fact the crime was called manslaughter, not murder. That was because in Oregon, if you call it murder, the minimum is 25 years. For a plea bargain, it therefore has to be called something else–a commonly used type of “legal fiction,” in which you fudge the terminology to get the agreed-upon result.

Why a plea bargain?

1. Bruynell’s confession was inadmissible. It came after he repeatedly asked the police if he needed “someone” with him—an inquiry the court understandably saw as a request for a lawyer. That meant it couldn’t be used against him.

2. The murder weapon had been found due to the confession. That could have made it inadmissible. The court ruled that given where it had been found (with Bruynell’s girlfriend), it was still admissible because the police would have found it without the confession. Still, that was guaranteed to be appealed, and without the gun, there was no case.

3. The defendants were identified only because the bar where they met Tiffany had scanned their IDs as they walked in. Oregon liquor law does not allow bars to retain these scans, and they shouldn’t have been available for the police to see. In fact, had the police requested them, they would almost certainly have been inadmissible. But because the bar volunteered the information, it was treated a bit like a whistleblower, and the scans were deemed admissible. That too, however, was guaranteed to be appealed, and without the ID scans there would have been no case.

All of this made a plea bargain appealing. For those seeking closure, a sure-thing 18-year-sentence beats a 25-year sentence reversed on appeal.

It should have ended there, but Mr. Captain turned the case into an online cause célèbre, looking for more complex reasons for why Tiffany was killed. He and his followers’ theories have ranged from the mundane (she ran afoul of drug dealers) to the exotic (she was an Illuminati mind-control agent who slipped her programming and was killed to keep her from going rogue). Mr. Captain also has a theory that she was killed by her former employer, Bonneville Power Administration, in order to keep her from reporting financial misdoings.

I still think thrill kill is one the most likely explanation, but the only accurate answer has always been “nobody knows.” The best summary came from the prosecutor. “Sometimes,” he said, “you never know why. Luckily, you don’t need motive to convict.”

NEW INFORMATION (as of 12/29/22). Michelle Worden Brosey is working as an addiction counselor at a faith-based center that (I think) is the one that helped her following her arrest and imprisonment. John Captain sees this as a travesty and is out to get her license revoked. He will not succeed, because (a) she doesn’t have (or need) a license for the job, and (b) clinics like this seek out counselors who’ve hit bottom and recovered. I will take much flak on this, but I see this as the one good thing to come out of this tragedy. The Tiffany I knew would agree.

NEW INFORMATION (as of 5/15/22): Recently, I learned that the producer of a true-crime podcast was able to get an interview with Daniel Bruynell. Unfortunately, it didn’t come through in time to be included in the podcast, but he posted on Reddit that Bruynell said he didn’t know why he did it. “It just happened,” is pretty much his best explanation. He did say, however, that Tiffany had been either flirting with him or doing things he interpreted as flirting. When he made his move, she rebuffed him. So the motive may have been very mundane: a man with a wounded ego, a gun, and an anger-management problem.

I will leave it with that, because arguing details with a conspiracy theorist like Mr. Captain is a game of Whack-a-Mole. For every argument you refute, there are numerous new ones. If you are inclined to believe him, I won’t be able to talk you out of it, and after 9+ years, I really don’t care. Just don’t harass Tiffany’s family. How would you feel in their shoes? Thanks in part to Mr. Captain’s unending conspiracy theories, they are being attacked by the same type of people who attacked the Sandy Hook families.

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  1. Does anyone know why this page got a big surge in hits on Friday (Sept 18)? There must have been a podcast, radio call-in show, webcast, or true crime TV show.

    It may be too late to ask this, but if you’ve been referred to this page by that show, I’d love to know what it was. It must have been something pretty major.

    1. Watched the first couple minutes of a show on the 18th called the wonderland murders but was unable to watch the rest. I googled Tiffany’s murder for more details and it led me here. Hope this answers your question

      1. Feel free to ask any questions you have. John Captain has revealed himself to be the boyfriend, whose name was changed. You may have figured that out if you read this page.

  2. Life imprisonment, no longer exists in the state of Oregon. This judge is very generous. Only 18 years in prison. Oregon is a haven for murderers.

    1. Just to be clear, it was a plea bargain. Had he gone to trial, he either would have gotten 25 to life, or walked. (Remember, the confession was inadmissible, and would probably have been inadmissible in any state.) Some people in that type of situation would roll the dice on all or nothing. Others prefer to have something certain. The question becomes, “How risk averse are you?” I’m not sure there’s a right or wrong answer to that, though given the notoriety the case picked up on the Internet, rolling the dice becomes more appealing, in hindsight.

  3. Not long after her murder, I was Drugged, kidnapped, sexually assaulted from a bar. It didn’t take long for me to figure out the BIDIRECTIONAL communication program using the imagined speech method and STOLEN EEG that I was being used in by corrupt police, and ex special forces with ties to ex FBI, it’s a fraudulent research program and Tiffany is not the only person murdered that has a connection to it. It’s called contract stalking and it involves sexual EXPLOITATION and people are trying to INCITE shooting sprees. The attorneys involved are pretty sure they won’t get caught because of the contract part of it. So they just keep murdering people and listening to me have sex while trying to kill me with intracranial pressure. Thank you Lacy Dunn, and ty meligan. Who is Celeste sayonnes ex boyfriend.

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    The attorneys involved are pretty sure they won’t get caught because of the contract part of it. So they just keep murdering people and listening to me have sex while trying to kill me with intracranial pressure. Thank you Lacy Dunn, and ty meligan. Who is Celeste sayonnes ex boyfriend

  5. Ive read that Michelle (one of the ppl convicted in this case) was a known member of the eastern star which is a masonic cult…. i have no doubt that Tiffany was a target of some kind… im not sure i completely follow or agree with John Captain but hes not completely wrong. Im also targeted in a similar way and i know 100% its connected through the freemasons. Which also explains why Michelle and Josh got off with such light sentences… i know it sounds crazy but it is happening.. maybe not completely in the way John explains it because hes obviously gotten sucked in to a point where its hard for him to keep his own reality in check but it is happening

  6. Did you ever consider that John Captain hired somebody to kill Tiffany because he was extremely jealous? Tiffany was seeing other guys and at the time she was murdered, John and her had not been together fore quite some time. If he couldn’t have her, then no one would……something to think about. Losing his mind because of guilt

    1. Your a idiot that couldn’t be further from the truth john captain is a very close friend of mine and the last thing John is is a jealous person in any way! He loved Tiffany with his whole heart and soul and he has been fighting for her justice since day one and I have no doubt he will continue to fight for her till his last breathe. I have personally seen every bit of evidence and read every note and listened to every recording and he is not crazy his points are valid and if the police hadn’t refused to take the evidence from John that he tried to give them many times and if the police hadn’t fucked up on so many things and hadn’t withheld evidence then maybe the world would finally see that Tiffany has not got the justice she deserves… It’s funny cuz everyone wants to call John crazy for the facts he’s trying to bring to light but unless the courts say it in legal documents ( cuz they must be true then right) or the news says it then it couldn’t be true right… Ignorance and fear of what other people might think or say is how people get away with murder. Did you know that if a woman is getting raped she is supposed to yell fire not rape! Because people come running for a fire but no one wants to see a rape!!!! That is exactly the kinda thing that’s happening here people are to afraid to acknowledge that our world is truly corrupt and there are such things as conspiracy and cults and monarch slaves just like there afraid to acknowledge the fact that there are millions of children taken and sold everyday to be sexually abused and murdered by the people we are supposed to beable to trust our judges, police, churches , teachers , military… People would rather ignore the issue then face it and do something about it that is how corrupt our world is so tell me how is it so impossible for you to think that what John has been trying to tell the world is so far fetched!!!

  7. While I am not a “conspiracy theory” nutjob who takes everything that is said about all manor of things, there is usually some form of truth to a certain theory on things or even certain things that happened around an event etc that make sense to you as it’s being said. With this being said I don’t think of this case as a “conspiracy theory” due in part fact of the MK ultra part because that is a proven fact that’s backed up by government documents. While yes Mr Captain does sound far fetched in what he says happened from his perspective of living through the whole case. There are alot of extremely bizarre “facts” about this case from the start. I’m glad you have made an effort to point out your opposing “facts” that rebute him with your perspective also having went through it. I mean your extremely flimsy rebuttal especially on the charges and plea deals etc are if true an absolute shocking ending in getting justice for Tiffany. As her friend you wouldn’t think so is baffling?. So because he asked do I need someone in this interview with me repeatedly and he never got a lawyer was seen as his confession was not obtained lawfully is bullshit. He never asked specifically for a lawyer according to your facts up above so therefore he wouldn’t have gotten 1 unless he asked for 1. Asking if he needs someone with him could mean anyone from his parent to his pastor and your damn right the police would not have stopped and got him a lawyer off that statement alone. Fast forward and for any judge to fling out the confession based solely on the fact he asked if he needs someone and not specifically a lawyer is so rare especially in America. Then you keep stating oh but it’s better to get an 18 year’s on a plea rather than it overturned on appeal. That argument also makes no sense because they got an admission to a lesser charge in a plea deal so that means there was significant evidence to prove guilt of this so tell me why not murder?. If you say it was the confession based that he took the plea. Then what made him take the plea if they didn’t have enough to convict the murder charge?. They obviously had more. Plus there where 2 others at the scene and also met at the bar and got into a vehicle and ended up at the park with the killer and Tiffany that could also testify that it wasn’t them it was the killer. The fact they went to the park is a mystery also. Like why did those 2 end up in a bush having sex when they had a whole hotel room and beds in that room and where heading there in the first place. So why stop at the park? Regardless if the timing is at 2.30 or 2.30 to 3 am that the murder happened it don’t make sense to why they went into a bush to have sex and why the murderer even thought this was even normal or acceptable? I mean Tiffany was intoxicated so maybe wasn’t aware of what they went to do. Also the murderer even states that the 2 having sex in the bush actually threatened to kill him unless he killed her. Was this also untrue?. Why did he travel so far to buy a cheap gun? He could have bought 1 closer to him rather than spend money for travel there and back.

    Also the biggest flaw in the plea deal is that in the so called confession interview that was thrown out as inadmissible he also states that Josh was sexually abusing the daughter of the woman. So much so that it made him physically sick and yet Josh was convicted with this statement in that exact interview. So how can that interview be thrown out on a straight up murder case and not be for a child abuser?. You need to explain this to me because this is a fact of the “TWO” separate cases steaming from the same interview from police?. Please let me know how this happened.

    Also where was this child when they were out at the bar and committing murder?.
    If left in hotel or car while a murder is taking place or even going to a bar then where are the child endangerment charges on the mother?.

    Then you don’t need to have any form of law degree etc to know that what you stated as an apparent double jeopardy is not facts regarding the 2 who where jailed for obstruction to justice. You absolutely can be charged with any further charges especially murder or accessories to murder. They never had a trial on any other charges apart from the above. There for no double jeopardy is attached to them. Do you understand that part. Was this gun legally theirs? Registered etc? If so then the gun charge would have been tough to prove but if not then it should have been due in fact to no serial number on gun. How did the murderer take this off in the apparent short amount of time he had it for?. Also again apart from selling the gun what where they actually doing in that area. What did they go there for and get a hotel.

    Also you state it’s not the therapist in the audio it’s a “occult specialist” or “life coach” that gave her all sorts of medication but doesn’t need to have a license to practice this. Even so the shit he was saying was totally inappropriate behaviour and not how any professional should be conducting himself with a client. Not only that but an extremely vulnerable client also. You state he has an office based on the same street as her therapist 🤔. Really 🤔. I find it hard to believe that she had not only her therapist but “life coach” or “occult specialist” are right on the same street. I feel you may have lied about this due in fact that there is audio and it’s indisputable and you have to say something so you say this. Also the fact you state occult then go straight to it was more like a life coach she was seeing is also weird. Why not just say life coach? Why the fuck was a life coach saying shit like you will make yourself a target if you talk and tell people who you are. You will get shot and took out? Why did the family not out this guy in order to take the heat of the therapist if he’s innocent? If I was her family and heard this I would have done just that. Why was she seeing anyone connected to the occult? Or even life coach? If she was seeing a therapist then why the life coach? She clearly was not on the wagon at the time of her death so she would have no need for a life coach due in part to one would imagine being no where near ready to get a coach to sort her life out that way. She would have been better with therapy and also addiction coach instead of life coach at this stage.

    Then you dismissed the other audio clip saying no this is her friend Josh and not the killer. There again your dismissing the audio that’s indisputable and putting it on Josh her friend. Has Josh spoken out public stating yes that’s me?. You also say he was selling a gun not buying a gun therefore its Josh her friend because he flung his gun over a bridge during a suicide episode. Okey but what did that have to do with Tiffany stating several times but I thought you liked my dad? What is her “friend Josh” talking about his sucidal episode and getting rid of his gun over a bridge and his need to get another have the response from Tiffany that but I thought you liked my dad 🤔. I mean I would have thought she would have been pleading with her suicidal behaviour from a friend wanting to get another gun not getting a gun?. Why talk about her dad?. Again I don’t believe you about this as it makes no sense in the audio. Not saying it was the other Josh but I don’t believe your version either.

    Also you state that the police would have had no case if the confession is thrown out and the gun would be also due to it being found due to the interview. They would have found that anyway in due time regardless of the interview. Then the bar kept the scanned identification and the judge ruled the police did not break the law the bar did so it was allowed. Well that isn’t a great legal argument either because the information according to you was illegally stored when it wasn’t necessary due to licence law’s. That doesn’t mean that the bar can’t keep the data stored for a maximum of a couple of days and then destroy it. Due in part to if something else occurred and the premises had to verify that the correct identification was presented at the door upon entry. Just like CCTV is kept a short period of time and doesn’t get argued in court cases or legal arguments. Also the police had the bar and had the CCTV of them meeting and getting into a car and they could have gotten identification another way in terms of street CCTV or the petrol station CCTV and got number plate from this. Also your argument in this is flimsy so you would need to elaborate further. Stating that the licensing doesn’t require you to store this data isn’t proof. That doesn’t mean that the bar can’t store it for data on customer demographics etc.

    You also state that there isn’t a big deal with the police not stating that Mr Captain was the person who called 911 and reported the fact of the bar that Tiffany was at that night. Like sorry but that is a pretty important FACT that SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE POLICE REPORT 100%. I don’t think he’s over reacting to this not being said in the report at all. At the end of the day the bar employee phones him and no one else related to Tiffany and he doesn’t have a conference call with 911/police despatch as who would actually do that and or the 911/police despatch operator allowing this to happen. Neither have I ever heard a 911 call where the person says can you hold the line while I conference in the bar employee into this call and she can give you further details. No that is absolutely ridiculous and not what he says. He states that he put the bar employee on hold while he calls the police to verify that Tiffany is indeed been murdered and that he knows which bar she was at the night before stating she wasn’t going to make it till morning. Then they dispatch the officer not involved in the case over to his home. And the officer then contacts the bar and employee after leaving there. So for police to leave out the fact he called 911 first and instead they state it was the employee is in fact not just wrong but it’s wrong twice because they spoke with him on the phone and then the officer dispatched gets her details and the name of bar and then speaks to both of them that night. But he straight up lies that she called in 911/police despatch when she never did and therefore there is no recorded audio of this call being placed and that is an issue in terms of evidence in the case. The officer would have or should have written up reports in order of the events as it happened etc and clearly never mentioned the fact that he makes the call to ask about Tiffany first and then state what he knows about the bar etc. If it had gone to trial the defence would have made the officer a liar and also the bar witness would have denied making the call forcing any juror to question if such benign information is missing or incorrect on reports from police then what else was done wrong. So I can understand why Mr Captain is understandably not only confused as to why this has happened but also like a jury would be questioning why the blatent lie on this call and subsequent report by an officer?. Plus if it wasn’t for the employee reaching out so quick to Mr Captain who knows if the police would have got the identification of the 3 people as you said its illegal to keep such data. So it could have been long gone and also the CCTV as well could have been wiped. Again seems more petty from your end than his. Because he was instrumental in getting the most important not only case solving but identified the last place she was and who the killer was. Your making it sound like him being mentioned as making the call to police and not being credited in the report for it as him being petty due to him doing it wasn’t really that important of a call as it was the employee they needed to speak to not him. Yet they wouldn’t have known about the bar or employee unless he called in first place so yeah he is an instrumental person to call in a massive tip that led investigators to solve the case. So stop you being petty and recognise what he did there.

    Then you say he harassed you for bank statement, phone calls etc but why would he ask you when he had already gotten her password for apple from her mum. Why would he not ask her? Then again she hadn’t lived in your home for a long time as she was living with him and using his phone. So he would have the phone bill and wouldn’t her mail go to his home? Can you provide proof of such harassment from him as such?

    You also down play her whole career in a shitty way by making it seem like she switched a few switches on and off and this requires absolutely no formal education or degree etc. When Tiffany actually studied hard for her chosen career field. Please have some respect for your friend in this point you gleefully make on how Mr Captain can be disputed. Her father was also a very highly educated and intelligent man in his chosen field of career also. This doesn’t make me suspicious of him as her handler due to his career. Obviously Tiffany could not have solely been responsible for all the dams due in part she wouldn’t have had enough time to fit in as it’s a 24 hours a day job.

    Also the car service Tiffany used was a regular basis and not just a few times over a long period of time. Yes the convicted women could indeed work for said company but that’s seriously flimsy at best. I mean just because all the Uber drivers work for Uber doesn’t mean that they know each other? Or that each McDonald employee all know other employees in all stores.

    Yes there is a shit load to what Mr Captain says is what was going on with Tiffany. If you actually listen to what he says he doesn’t say drug dealers killed her because why would they as she wasn’t a druggy? She was an alcoholic and the drug theory would not make any sense. You also have to remember he didn’t have a clue what mind control was nor did he bring it up for a good 6 to 7 months after the murder. He thought Tiffany was setting him up for her murder and states that to Tiffany mum and she tells him he’s spiralling and needs help. You also need to see from his perspective he left America for 2 years in order to sort out everything that had happened and to get the crazies away from him giving there opinion on everything. This man did not just wake up and start the crazy talk after his girlfriend is murdered. He has a successful business and money etc I mean he never lost it all believing in Qanon? Now that is crazy. No Tiffany was recording conversations with the therapist and Josh the guy convicted or to you the life coach and her friend Josh but I don’t know why she would have been doing this at all in your version those 2 people aren’t suspicious and wouldn’t need to be recorded but the therapist and Josh the gun guy would definitely if Tiffany believed that something was wrong and she needed to.

    At the end of the day the person who believed that she had been mind controlled as a child was Tiffany and if she truly believed this was happening then why would you or her family at least entertain the fact she truly believed that this was happening to her. Plus she also repeated to several people that night she was going to die and she did so maybe she wasn’t lying? Those are independent people and not Mr Captain saying so. Why not believe that. Also you state you don’t need motive for a conviction is possibly true but every juror and prosecutor wants a motive especially to murder because if you don’t know why then why convict. The manslaughter plea deal is bullshit and YOU know it and I would be so pissed at this. I mean if you go by your account he never knew Tiffany and they met at that bar and left in the car and according to him to go drink at their hotel and instead they stop at a park and his friends decided to go have sex in the bush and then with the gun he just bought from those two with no serial number on it he ends up shooting Tiffany for absolutely no reason. Like a thrill kill why and for what thrill exactly because that would mean once he bought a gun he just went nuts and homicidal in a short period of meeting a random extremely drunk women. Makes no sense.

    Plus let’s not forget the viciousness to the actual murder it’s self. I mean he didn’t just shoot her.
    NO HE EXECUTED HER BETWEEN THE EYES. That is brutal and international murder if there ever was a case for it and certainly not manslaughter and he should never have gotten this as a plea ever. Where is your confusion and anger like Mr Captain about the whole case and court sentences? Do you think justice was served for your friend? Even if mind control is not the case at least 1 person Mr Captain has the clear sense to know when something ain’t right with the Portland and American justice system.

    1. Dear Ms. Murray:

      You raise a great many points, many of them triggered by the fact that I was trying to keep this page as concise as possible, even though I am responding to podcasts that are often multiple hours in length. I don’t have time today to reply to everything you raise, but I’ll try to hit a couple of them today and others later.

      First, I agree with you that Tiffany was brilliant, highly educated, and multi-talented: an high-achiever in many fields. (In addition to the ones you list, she was a cellist, and firefighter.) She had an important, well-paid job at BPA. What I was responding to was the claim, often made by Mr. Captain and repeated on podcasts, that she was in full control of the Columbia River dams. The relevance of this is that many of these sites have argued (not so much now as in the past) that she was a mind control slave whose handlers were preparing to use her position there to open the floodgates on these dams and drown hundreds of thousands of people in Portland in order to further their schemes.

      That is impossible for a number of reasons, but the simplest to address was the fact that even if it was possible, she wasn’t in a position to do it. Her job was to monitor river flows throughout the system and calculate power generating capacity so BPA knew how much power it could sell. She did not control a single dam, and furthermore, she was part of a team, and not in sole control, anyway.

      That is not to minimize what she did. She had degrees in Marketing and Economics, and Physics and Geology, and this drew perfectly on that unusual mix of skills. She was also really good at pattern recognition, which would have helped, as well.

      My sole point was that she was not in control of any dam (BPA doesn’t even run them), so she could not have been used in that manner, and that particular theory is nonsense. I did not in any way intend to belittle her.

      Secondly, re Joshua Robinett’s conviction for child molestation, Mr. Captain has scrambled a few of the facts. I’ve preferred to ignore this as a sideshow to Tiffany’s murder, but maybe I need to update the page to address that.

      Bruynell never said that Robinett had molested Worden-Brosey’s daughter in the hotel room. In his confession, what he said was that upon returning to the hotel after Tiffany’s murder, Robinett and Worden-Brosey had sex, with him and the daughter in the room. The daughter, IIRC, retreated to the bathroom in disgust. Bruynell was also disgusted. But nobody had sex with the daughter or did anything other than act as though she wasn’t there, at least according to Bruynell.

      Whether that’s a crime, I don’t know. But the sex abuse charge came from events that occurred on one or more separate occasions.

      During the evening Tiffany was killed, her mother left her in the hotel room. She was either 12 or 13 (accounts vary) , but either way, she was probably old enough to be left in a hotel room to watch TV, or whatever.

      Why they had a hotel is unclear. The police may know, but haven’t explained. What did become public is that Bruynell came up from the Bay Area on a rideshare with his friend and coworker Robinett. Mr. Captain argues that it was to conduct a hit, but he may just have decided to visit Portland on the cheap with his friend and buy his gun at the same time. It’s easy to speculate, but there is no information, so it’s not all that useful to do so.

      Finally, the reason there were no gun charges is that nobody knows who filed off the serial numbers or when it happened. Mr. Captain has a theory, but I’ve never seen any proof for it. I’m not saying he’s wrong, just that “nobody knows” is not “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” The gun went through three sets of hands (four if you count Bruynell’s girlfriend, though nobody thinks she did it) before the police saw it.

      That’s all I have time for today. Looking at this, I just wrote more than 700 words.


    2. Laura thank you for your response your help bring things to light for alot of people here and your opinions and the facts you’ve brought to light or clarified are greatly appreciated!!!


    Power stations to the left of us, power stations to the right of us, and lots of $ to be absconded.
    From first I heard him on a late night talk I’ve always thought John Captain comes across very nice, traumatized AF from trying to save Tiffany and not being able to do it. He went from trying to save her to trying to defend who she really was against a smear campaign that, for some reason, too many cops and authorities prefer to do because either they are naive, too lazy, or too corrupted to do anything else. So it’s easier to make up some s**t and close the deal when it’s getting sticky. They aren’t doing anyone justice, least of all America. Sigh..
    I could not help but notice the formal tone redhorse took responding to comments by Laura. “Dear Ms. Murray,” as if to pretend he is offering his utmost respect when I know he is just condescending.
    Laura crashed and burned the party, tearing up his entire blah blah blah rhetorical commentary. Hooray Laura.
    If there ever comes a time when the public servants actually bend over a little bit to expose truth and justice happens, the truth about Tiffany’s murder will become well known.
    Didn’t Tiffany’s murder occur around the time Nestles was trying to buy from Oregon politicians the Columbia River flow, once it entered Oregon there from Washington?
    I have too been professionally targeted. I know how targeted people are treated by police and society at large. Maybe reality is too scary. Well duh right? Of course it is.
    And I know also the vileness of what mentally and physically they can do and what types of weapons organized professionals have available to take us out while everyone turns their heads the other way.
    We are up against demons, dears. I continue offering much respect to John Captain and the people who are not letting Tiffany’s murder fall between the cracks and forgotten about. I’m glad to read here John Captain is improving in his presentations. I am too in my own matter. Recovering from the type of trauma the crime syndicates have caused ones they consider their enemies is not easy. Most targets end up dead. If we don’t and by finding quality support we make it, the hysteria leaves and our stronger voices will be heard. We become unstoppable. Stay strong, dears, and don’t let the bastards get you down!

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