Here Be There Dragons: Exploring the Fringes of Knowledge, From the Rings of Saturn to the Mysteries of Memory

From the back cover: At their best, science and science fiction go hand in hand. Nowhere is this more apparent than in this book, written by an accomplished science writer who is also one of the most decorated science fiction short-story writers of his generation. Drawn from cutting-edge research in a wide array of disciplines, each chapter explores something new, from the recesses of the outer Solar System to the depths of the human mind, the origins of civilization, and the sub-sub-sub sections of the particle we call the atom. Written with verve, elegance, and excitement—and a focus on how the latest discoveries might affect our future—this is a unique and stimulating book for all who love science and its application to our world.

 “If you’re interested in what real scientists are investigating, right now, and what that could mean for our world, this is essential reading.” —Trevor Quachri, Editor, Analog Science Fiction & Fact

Available in print and Kindle, here.