Indoor and Outdoor Track 2022

It’s early yet, but track for 2022 is already shaping up. This page is my compilation of meets that are open to Lizards (subject, of course, to COVID changes). As of this writing (3/25/22), we have already attended two meets, and there are a lot of others. (I am retaining the names of meets that are already past, to make it easy to build a 2023 list when the time comes.)

Registration is generally through Direct Athletics. Some meets require contacting the race director. And note, just because it says “closed” doesn’t mean its full. It may not yet have opened to registration. Many don’t start taking registrations until only a few weeks beforehand. (Photo by Eija, from Wikimedia Commons).

Note: meets we have previously done at Clackamas Community College or hosted by them at Oregon City H.S. appear to be cancelled for 2022. They are not on the following list.

March 4-5. Eric Anderson Memorial Icebreaker, Linfield. This is one at which we’ve traditionally turned out in force.

March 12. Lane Community College Open. This lists as in Portland, but that could be a typo. I’m not sure why they’d bring it up here.

March 19. Lewis & Clark Spring Break Open. (We are invited, as a team. Lets get some people there!)

March 19. OSU PNW Invitational. I have no clue what the seed times are for this, but it’s open to club runners.

March 26, Pacific Invite. We’ve been there before. Nice, low-key meet.

March 26. Willamette Opener.

• April 1. Hayward Premier. Note: this is a Friday. I’m not sure how elite this is; it might be hard to get into. I’ve also seen it listed as April 1-2.

April 2. Jenn Boyman Invitational. Linfield. Nice meet with a big, diverse field.

April 2. Northwest Distance Jamboree. Lane Community College.

• Portland Masters Track Club Mini-Meet. Rex Putnam H.S., Portland. This is nominally a masters meet, but that means anyone 19+. Registration isn’t on DirectAthletics, but is through the meet. Deadline: Mar 30, 5 pm:

April 8-9. Titan Invitational Friday Night Distance Carnival. I’m assuming this is at Lane Community College, but the website assumes I know the location.

April 8-9. John Knight Twilight. Western Oregon University. I have a listing of this as April 8-9 but “Twilight” means Friday night, which is what this has always been before.

• April 9. Pacific Luau Invite. Pacific University. We’ve never done this one.

• April 9. Rich Allen Classic, George Fox. We did this one in 2021. Very welcoming, and much fun. Note: this is a change in date from my earlier post.

April 16. Lewis & Clark Invitational. Again we are specifically invited to bring folks.

April 21-23. Oregon Relays. Probably hard to get into. Hayward Field.

• April 29. Oregon State High Performance Track Meet. This appears to now be a one-day event, rather than the 2-day event it was last year. Friday.

• May 6. Oregon Twilight. Probably hard to get into. This is a Friday.

• May 7. Linfield Open.

• May 7. Hayward Classic. Eugene. This is a masters meet, though “masters” is defined as 25+. Registration is not on Direct Athletics, and the registration deadline is earlier than most track meets.

• May 7. Portland Twilight. This is probably at Lewis & Clark, but I’ve not checked yet.

• May 14. Portland Distance Carnival. Lewis & Clark. (This is a L&C collegiate meet). Also one to which we were invited.

• May 18-19. George Fox Last Chance. We went to two George Fox meets last year and had fun. Note, this is midweek.

• June 10-11. Portland Track Festival. Lewis & Clark.

• June 25. Portland Masters Track Club Track & Field Classic. Mt. Hood Community College. Date tentative. Masters meet. I think this is the one we did last year at Rex Putnam, but I’m not sure.

• July 8. Stumptown Twilight

July 38-31. USATF Masters Outdoor Championships. Lexington, Ky. Not close, but we may have some folks interested.