Phantom Sense & Other Stories (with Mark Niemann-Ross)

Sgt. Kip McCorbin must choose a military sixth-sense or the love of his family.

Courtney Brandt lies frozen on a glacier, but warm to the touch. Her killer is already claiming another victim.

Valerie Akwasi stumbles into the deadly side of a vineyard.

Michael Graves could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Too bad you’re just an experiment.

Phantom Sense and Other Stories is a collection of science fiction stories from the pages of Analog magazine by the award-winning team of Richard A. Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross. It includes:

  • Phantom Sense (“readers choice” Analytical Laboratory Award winner for best novella);
  • New Wineskins (an immigration-related novelette more timely today than when it was first published);
  • NetPuppets (Analytical Laboratory Award winner for best novelette);
  • A Dangerous Intent; and
  • A bonus science article about the science behind the title story.

“Richard A. Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross are ‘two halves’ of one of the best science fiction writers Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine has ever discovered. Scientific mystery, suspense, just plain hair-raising action and all-out adventure—on top of some of the most original ideas ever to grace the printed page. Here are five of the most original, most entertaining, fascinating, and just plain fun stories to emerge from this happy collaboration. ”–David R. Palmer, award-winning author of Emergence and Tracking

“Lovett is probably Analog’s best regular writer”–Locus, July 2011

“Rick Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross have written some of the most thought provoking and entertaining stories I’ve read in years. If speculation is your thing, then this collection is for you.”–Jerry Oltion, Winner of Nebula and Endeavour Awards

“Phantom Sense . . . is a lesson in how to write a short. . . . From the start it grabs you and never lets go. In every way this story reminded me how good Science Fiction shorts can be.”–Tangent Online

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