Tuesday Speed Workouts

A note re nomenclature: T=tempo, L=a touch faster than 5K pace, M=3K pace, S=1500m pace, F=800m pace. Numbers in parentheses are recoveries. Hyphens designate 100m floats (roughly marathon pace). Two hyphens, as in — means 200m float. If you are a Daniels fan, L pacer is roughly his I pace, and S pace is roughly his R pace. M pace splits the difference.

That said, these paces are effort based. L pace is the effort you’d use on long intervals (L=”long”), run on fairly decent but not complete recoveries. That will be slightly different if you are doing a lot of them, as opposed to relatively few, but it’s the same concept. M pace is for “medium” length intervals run on much more complete recoveries. I.e, the pace you’d do for 600s or 800s on recoveries taking about as long as the preceding interval. Again, the pace will adjust a bit for the number of you do. S is for short intervals. Generally nothing longer than 400s, run on recoveries taking substantially longer than the repeat itself. Again, it’s effort based, but roughly `1500m effort. Note also that pace may differ from day to day, at the same effort. That’s ok.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024. Tonight will have 3 options. (a) 10s and 2s. It’s been a while since we did this classic. 4-? x 1000 (400) @ L. 0-5 x 200 (200) @ S. (b) `~4 sets of 500 @L (1 min), 400 @S (1 min), 200 @F. Five minutes between sets.

Tuesday June 25, 2024. There will be three workouts, with additional options. Due to heat, we will do sprints, but on the track, not the hills. Options are: (a) 10 x 300 (300) @ S; (b) 2-3 sets of 3 x 300 (1 min) @ F, 5 min between sets; (c) 4-? x 300-300-300- (400) @ L.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024.

With Rose City Mile behind us, it appears that for most folks, next up is Bowerman 5K. So the main cycle will have a strong 5K/10K focus. We’ll start this week with an old favorite we’ve not done for a while: 12 x 400 (on “50 percent” recoveries, in groups) @ whatever pace fits the bill for you on that short recovery. Most likely L or M or a mix. Milers can do this, too, albeit in sets, and fewer of them. We can discuss details on site. For those wanting something longer, try a common Friday workout: 600/400 alternations @ 10K/Marathon pace. Can do in sets of 2K or 3K for a total of 6-10K, depending on your weekly volume.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024. Three options. (a) 2 x either 600 or 800 (200) @ L; 2 x 400 (400)@S, 2 x 200 (200) @ F, 2 x 4090 (400) @ S 1-2 x either 600 or 800 (200) @ L. (b) Aussies. (c) 3-6 x 1 mile (75 sec) @ 10K.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Two workout options. (a) 8-? x 800 (200) @ L, or (b) 11-? x 600 (25 sec) @ T.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 (a) 10-? x 400m cutdowns. Start at 5K pace on 200m recoveries, and speed up. Up to 12 of them, depending on how fast you start. (b) Inverted short pyramid. This is 2 x 600 (200) @ L, 2 x 400 (400) @ S, 2 x 200 (200) @F, 2 x 400 (400) @ S, 1-2 x 600 (200) @ L. High volume runners can make one or more of the 600s into 800s. (c) For anyone doing the 3K this Saturday there will be a taper option. Those who did the 800m at 5 pm will get something similar. To be decided on site, based on fatigue level.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 Hill cone workout on Terwilliger.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024. It has come to my attention that today is the 70th anniversary of Roger Bannister’s sub-4:00 mile. So, we will do some mile-like things. There will be multiple options for multiple purposes: A.One-mile time trial. Recover, then finish with up to 7 x 600 (20-25 sec) @ 10K to complete the workout. We will do this as a mile, not a 1600. B. Ersatz miles. This is 3-4 x 500-300-500- (400). OK, they are 1600s. Good enough. L pace for the fast segments. Alternatively you can do this as 3 x 1 mile (400) without the floats. Same pace. One less rep because there’s a higher density of speed. High volume runners can add more reps. C. Taper workout for people doing track meet on Saturday. This will be 5 x 500 @vVO2 max (1:45). 0-4 x 150 hard.

Tuesday, February 7, 2024. The main workout will be Billat 30-30s (not run in the intense form we’ve sometimes used for peaking. An alternative will be 4K-10K of long alternations, specifically 600/400s, run in sets of 2K or 3K on 400m recoveries.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024. Another not bad day for January! Hurrah. We will have two groups. One will do an old favorite we’ve not done for a while: 400s on 50 percent recovery. I.e., 80 sec runners started each rep every 2:00 (recovery was whatever they got after the 400); 90 sec lap runners started every 2:15. Etc. Most folks will do 10-12 of these, plus 2-4 x 150 at the end. The other workout will be tempo miles. 3-6 x 1 mile @ somewhere between T and 10K pace on 75 sec recoveries. That’s for people with soon to come longer races.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024. This will be the start to the new training block, leading into spring races (Shamrock and ultimately Eugene) and spring track. That makes it fairly light, other than for those with immediate upcoming races. Also, due to extended ice, we are probably all a bit sluggish. That said, it’s also blessedly warm! So, we will try to take advantage of the warmth, but not overdo it. The main workout will therefore be floats, with sprints for those who want them. Specifically, 3-5 sets of 300-300-300-300 @L (400) and 2-6 x 200 @ S (200) (unless the temperature plummets unexpectedly.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024. Cancelled by ice.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024. Not posted here in advance, but most people ran 600s on 25 sec recovery at 10K pace. Basically tempo work.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Main workout will be 1000m breakdown (which we’ve done before, most recently on November 14. Other options will be available based on who’s there. n

Tuesday, December 26, 2023. Again, there will be two workouts. One for those racing in January, another for those in pre-competition phase. For those peaking: 4-? x 1200 (400) @ L, plus 0-4 x 150. For the rest, let’s go with a standard we’ve not done for a while: 11 -? x 600 (20-25 sec) @ 10K plus 0-4 x 150.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023. This is the shortest-daylight Tuesday of the year (by next week, we will be climbing up out of the longest night of winter), but it won’t be the shortest-ever workout. We will have two workouts. (a) 5 -8 x 1000 (400) @ L, possibly with 2-4 x 150 at the end, depending on your weekly volume and temperature at track time, and (b) Aussie quarters (scroll down to April 18 of this year for a description). That one is fairly short, time-wise. We usually do it as a Friday workout, but in off-season it’s a good alternative for Tuesday. If people are training for specific events coming soon, we can discuss other options.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023.
The main workout will be 12-? x 400 (200) @ L to M. Those doing it at M will take slightly slower recoveries. One person will be attempting this as Fultzy 400s. Others can join for part of that.

Tuesday. December 5, 2023. Due to people with very different plans, there will be three options today. (a) Taper workout for those doing a short race this weekend (defined as 10K or less). 1000 @ T (45 sec), 800 @ L (200), 600 @ M (400), 500 @ M (300) –optional–3 x 200 @ S (200). (b) Taper workout for those doing half-marathons. 4-6 x 600 @ 10K (25 sec), 2 x 600 @ L (200), 2-4 x 150. (c) Those training for fitness during off season: 11 x 600 @ 10K (20-25 sec.)

Tuesday, November 28, 2023. The planned workout was 1200s and 200s. Due to frost forming on the track, it got modified.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023. There will be two workouts. One is a whistle workout. Effort is L pace. I will give you intervals of unknown length–this is good for race toughness, but also kind of fun. The total volume of speed is about 20 minutes. No singel interval will exceed 5 minutes. Recoveries are jogs. I was going to follow it with a 4 x 400, but it looks like it will be too cold. The other is 4-6 x 1 mile @ 10K pace 60-75 sec. In both cases, some may want to save energy for 2-4 x 150. If you prefer to change the whistle workout into more of a fartlek, you can do the recoveries as floats, and the fast parts at 10K effort.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023. There will be multiple options. The primary workout will be the 1000m breakdown, last done on October 3. People tapering for Fernhill cross-country on Saturday will do a reduced version of skipping a few rungs on the ladder. There will also be a taper workout for people doing marathons or half marathons this weekend: 6 x 600 (25 sec) @ 10K. People doing XC Nationals will do the full 1000m breakdown and take a 3-day taper for Fernhill.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023. The planned workout was hill cone drill, but it was revised to 3-4 sets of 150, 200, 300, 400 @ S on the track, due to slippery conditions on the hill. The alternative workout was 1200s and 200s @ L and S, respectively.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023. With a race this weekend for many, the main workout today will be tempo oriented. Two choices. 11-? x 600 (20-25 sec) or Aussies. Each can be followed with up to 4 x 150. Those wanting serious taper should do only 7 x 600.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023. Today’s main workout will be 5 x 500 (1 min) @ L (with the last recovery being 300m in however long that takes. Then, 2 x 600 (400) @ M; 2 x 400 (400) @ S, and 2 x 200 (200) @ S. High volume runners can add up to 8 laps of rat-a-tat 400s. (400m at 10K with 15 sec recoveries.) There will be an alternative tempo workout decided on site, for those who want it. (I usually only get 1 or 2 takers on this, so I’ll consult with them in person at the time.)

Tuesday, October 17, 2023. Main workout is going to be 800s on fast finishes. Two ways to do it. Either 500-200 (i.e., a float) or 600/200 (no float). Paces are L/S. Not that you’ll hit S Pace exactly, but it will train your kick for the race. Other options available by request. This is a good peaking workout for short races, especially cross-country. But it’s kind of fun, anyway. 400m recoveries. Do 6-? reps. Six is the basic workout for most people. High volume runners can go to 8-10 if so inclined.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023. Main workout is 4-? x 1000 (400) @ L, plus 5 x 200 (200) @ S. Alternatively, 4-7 x 1000 @ 10K (1 min), plus 3-5 x 200. So 1000s, either way.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023. The main workout today will be one we’ve not done in a while: 1000m breakdown. Not since spring, in fact! It’s a great 5K or all-purpose workout 1000 (400), 900 (300), 800 (200), 700 (300), 600 (400), 500 (300), 400 (400), 300 (300), 200. Starting at L and speeding up to M, S, and even for the 200, F. Lower volume runners should skip the 500. High volume runner scan add 1600 to 3200m of tempo at the end, if not tapering. The alternative is the favorite of a TRL regular: 6-? x 1000m @ 10K (1 min). Save enough energy at the end for up to 4 x 150.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023. We will again have two options. One is hill cone workout (unless rain rolls in hard, in which case we’ll do something similar on the track). It’s been a while since we did sprints. The other will be 4-6 x 1 mile on the track @ 10K on 75 sec recovery, for those with near future marathons.

Tuesday, September 19. We will have two workouts, again, similar to last week: one is longer and marathon focused. The other is 5K, 10K and cross country. (a) 4 x 1200 (400) @ L. Alternating track and chips. WE’ve done this before, and tonight is a good time to do it before we lose the light (which will be soon). (And we’ve not visited the chips in nearly 2 months, anyway.) (b) Long alternations. We’ll do 800/800 this week. That longer float may allow you do to them in large batches, possible all continuously. Total volume is 4-7 miles. That’s a lot of volume at the high end, and is only for high-volume marathoners. Talk to me on site. Both groups can save energy for a possible 4 x 400 relay at the end, if we can form up groups.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023. The main workout will be an old favorite: 10 x 500 (1 min) @ L. Run as groups. High volume runners can do this faster than L pace. We will then regroup for the final stage of the Tour de Goose, the Storming of the Bastille, in which will sprint up the steepest suitable hill in the vicinity, while carrying a piece of cake (in honor of Marie Antoinette, “let them eat cake.” Those who don’t drop their cake on the climb can then eat it. Those who do will find additional cake back and Duniway, where we can have an end-of summer cake party. Those not wanting the 10×500 workout can do 6000-8000 meters of 600/400 alternations, then storm the Bastille and eat cake.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023. Cross-country season and marathon ramp-up season are starting for many people, more or less at the same time. So we’ll have workouts for both. For the XC people (and people looking at short road races), the workout will be 3-6 x 300-300-300-300- (400) @ L or slightly faster. For the marathoners, the alternative will be 3-6 x 1 mile @ 10K (75 sec). Both groups can save energy for 2-4 x 150 at the end.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023. Since we will be starting with the 400m mathematique (and since it continues to be warm) let’s stick with 400s for the main workout. That would make it 11 x 400 @ L on 50 percent recoveries (in groups) as we’ve done before. Normally it’s 12, but you’ve already done one. High volume runners can do more. An alternative is 6 x ? x 800 (200) @ L. Both are a lot simpler than the mathematique!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Two options. (a) Get ready for cross-country with 4-? x 1200 (alternating chips and track) (400) @ L. This is an old favorite, but if the track is too crowded with other groups we may have to modify it. It’s also for those who’ve been doing track fairly regularly this summer. If you haven’t (or are new), the workout will be (b): 4-5 x 500-500- (400) on the track. There may also be third workout with shorter reps for lower-volume runners, depending on who is there.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023. Today for some reason seems hotter than the temperature indicates. For the main workout, Let’s go up the hill for the hill cone workout. It’s a good one to do several times in summer, pre-cross-country season, anyway. For those who want to stay on the track, do 12 x 400 (200) @ L. You can dodge heat a bit by staging this out of the shady side of the track and doing the recovery back and forth in lane 8, in the shade. I’ll explain on site. We do this on hot Fridays when the group is small and it’s convenient.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023. There will be 3 workouts. (a) 6 x 500 (1 min) @ L plus 2 x 150. This is the taper for the Fueled by Fine Wine quarter marathon. (b) 10 x 500 (1 min) @ L to M. This is a full workout. Can add 2 x 150 if not too tired. (c) 6 x 800 (200) @ L. High volume runners can add extra reps.

Tuesday June 27, 2023. It’s been a while, so let’s just go long and hard for the (a) workout. I.e., 3 x 1 mile (400) or 4 x 1200 (400) @ L. Your choice should be based on 5K time. Basically, the intervals probably shouldn’t be more than 5:30 long (Daniels says 5:00) so pick accordingly. Not that slower runners can’t do mile repeats @ L, but they feel a bit too much like racing. The (b) workout is Pre’s 200s, adjusted for your pace. So that’s 200 at M and S pace, and 200 at a little slower than marathon pace, back and forth for up to 3 miles. Kinda like Billats, but no whistle. If you get overextended, you can take a 400m recovery as a set break partway through. There will also be options for people with races coming up.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023. This is the longest daylight Tuesday of the year, though it looks like we won’t see much sun. (a) For those doing Rose City Mile, we will do a taper workout. 2 x 800 (200) @ L, 1 x 600 (400) @ M, 3 x 300 (300) @ S. For the rest, either A can be expanded by 50 percent, or: (b) 3-? x 500-500- (400) @ L, 2 x 1000 (400) @ L.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023. This is a month with people training for lots of different things, so we will have two quite different workouts. (a) 2 x 600 (200) @ L, 2 x 400 (400) @ S, 2 x 200 (200) @ F, 2 x 400 (400) @ L, 1-2 x 600 ( 200) @ L. This is a tough inverted pyramid that I’ve found useful for peaking people for a mile. With Rose City Mile in 11 days, this is a good time to do it. (b) 3-? x 1200 (400) @ L, 4-6 x 200 (200) @ S. This is good for lots of things. If conditions permit, and you are training for trail runs, it can be run on the track/chip loop. “Conditions” meaning track usage.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023. We have another spike in temperatures just in time for Tuesday. Many of us are starting to get pretty acclimated, but we are also right around maximum sun, so let’s do the hill cone workout. A lot of folks are training for Rose City Mile, and that’s useful for the mile, as well as other things. If you are training for Backyard Half, we will do 1200s on the chips. Other options will be available on site, depending on who’s doing what.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023. We will again have at least 3 workouts. In no particular order, (a) taper for those doing PTF or Summer Series on Saturday. 1 x 1000 (400) @ L, 2 x 600 (400) @ M, 1 x 400 (400) @ S, 1 x 150. High-volume runners can add 1 x 800 (200) @ L, after the 1000. (b) 7 x 700 (300) @ M. (c) Rose City Mile workout, to be determined on site, based on who shows up.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023. We will have 3 workouts (or more, depending on who shows. (a) 3-5 x 300-300-300-300- (400) @ L to M, plus 0-4 x 150. (b) 3-6 x 1200 (400) @ L plus 4 x 200 (200) @ S. (c) 3-6 x 1 mile @ 10K/T (75 sec), (c) Aussie Quarters. Kind of a diversity of options.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Hill cone workout to minimize heat.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023. Today is nice, but we have what looks to be a genuine heat wave coming in, for which nobody will be very prepared this early in the year. So today, we’ll do a workout at 65 degrees in sun (which will feel fairly warm to us) in an effort to get a bit of a head start on the 90 degrees that appears to be coming. That means three options. (a) 3-6 x 1200 (400) @ L plus 3-6 x 200 (200) @ S, (b) Aussie quarters (see April 18 for description), and (c) a taper workout for those racing on Saturday. This will be 2 x 800 (200) @ L, 1 x 600 (400) @ M, 3 x 200 (200) @ S. Higher volume runners can add reps to this to a volume of no more than 50 percent of their normal workouts.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023. Two options, rather different. (a) 12 x 400 on “fifty percent recoveries” at L (b) 3-6 x 1000 (400) @ L, 2 x 600 (400) @M, 1 x 400 (400) @ S; 2 x 200 (200) @ S.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023. We will again have 2 basic workouts. One is an old favorite we’ve not done for a while, the hill cone drill. For full description scroll to July 26 of last year. The other, for those wanting to stay on the track will be 5-? x 800 (200) @ L, plus 4 x 150. Both are followed by recovery/flush 200s.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023. We will have 2 basic workouts. (a) Aussie quarters. If you run the Friday workouts, you know these; they are a staple. The idea is to run 400 @ L pace, then 200 @ marathon pace, then alternate back and forth for 4800m. Recover, then finish with 0-4 x 150. High volume runners should just push the pace to M pace for the fast quarters. The Australian for whom this is named was the first person to break 2:08 for the marathon, so if 12 laps total s good enough for him… (This was his answer to Pre’s famous 200s.) (b) Floats. 3-7 x 400-600 – – (where two hyphens means 200 float). This is a 1300 with 1K of faster speed (M for the 400, L for the 600). Recovery is a very slow 300 to bring you back to the start) Finish with 0-4 x 150.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023. For those doing the L&C track meet or racing elsewhere this weekend, we will do a taper workout. It will be 6-8 x 600 (20-25 sec) @ T, with 2 x 150, for 5K runners. People not tapering can do this workout too, but beef it up to 11-? x 600, and 0-4 x 150. Alternatively, 4-? x 1000 (400) @ L, plus 2-4 x 200 (200) @ S.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Two workouts: (a): 3-6 x 800 (400) @ M. 2-3 x 400 (400) @ S. 3-4 x 200 (200) @ S. That’s a wide range of effort, based on your volume and stage of peaking, so it will work for a wide range of people. (b) 3-? x 2K (2 min) @ Tempo. Finish with 0-4 x 150.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023. We will have a smorgasbord of workouts this week. (a) 1 x 500-500- (400), 2 x 1200 (400), 1 x 500-500- @ L. Plus 0-4 x 150. High volume runners do more reps of either 1200s or floats. (b) 2 x 600 (400), 3 x 800 (400), 2 x 600 (400) @ M. High volume runners can add reps. (c) Aussies. For those who don’t come on Friday. If you come on Fridays we do workouts of this type fairly often then.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023. (a) We’ll do an old favorite today, the 1000m breakdown. That’s 1000 (400), 900 (300), 800 (200), 700 (300), 600 (400), 500 (300), 400 (400), 300 (300), 200. Starting at L and speeding up to M, S, and even for the 200, F. Lower volume runners should skip the 500. High volume runner scan add 1600 to 3200m of tempo at the start or end. (b) 6-? x 800 (200) @ L. Save energy for up to 4 x 150 at the end.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023. There will be 2 workouts. (a) cruise intervals. 9-13 x 600 (20 to 20 sec) @ no faster than 10K effort. Save energy for 4 x 150. (b) Longer cruise intervals: 3-? x 1 mile @ 10K pace max (60-75 sec), save energy for 4 x 150.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023. There will be 3 workouts. (a) 6 x 500 (1 min) @ L plus 2 x 150. This is the taper for Shamrock. (b) 10 x 500 (1 min) @ L to M. This is a full workout. Can add 2 x 150 if not too tired. (c) 3 – ? x 1200 (400) @L; 3-6 x 200 (200) @L. This is emphatically not a taper workout.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023. This week’s primary workout was 400s in groups @L on “fifty percent recovery.” I.e., 80 sec runners started each rep every 2:00 (recovery was whatever they got after the 400); 90 sec lap runners started every 2:15. Etc. There were also some people doing 1000s. Plus some 150s at the end.

Tuesday, February 21. It’s time to see what we got out of those Billats. And races start in March, which makes it good timing to move out of winter mode. So, two workouts. (a) 5 x 1000 (400) @ L. High mileage folks can add additional reps and/or finish with up to 4 x 150. (b) Aussie quarters. For those who’ve not done them, these are 400/200 alternations, with the 400 at 5K to 3K pace, and the 200 as a float (around marathon pace). Three miles, nonstop. It’s a bit like the Billat 30-30s in that it’s a pace alternating workout, but with a slower pace for the fast parts and (for most people) higher volume.

Tuesday, February 14. Billat 30-30s.

Tuesday, February 7. Billat 30-30s.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023. The main workout will be something unusual–just because it’s winter and unusual is great for this time of year. To wit: 5 x 900 (300) @ L. Plus 2-3 x 150, if you are well warmed up. Alternatively, for traditionalists, 5 x 800 (200) @ L, plus 4 x 200 (200), if well warmed up (if it’s too cold for you, just do another 800 @ L. High volume runners can add reps to the longer repeats.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023. (Sorry this is late. I thought I’d posted it on Monday, but failed to save it, so it never actually posted.)  We will have two options. (a) 8-10 x 500 (1 min). We’ve not done this since Nov 1, according to my records. This is a good generic 5K/10K workout. Save energy for 2-4 x 150 at the end. (I.e., unless you’re high mileage, 8 of these is enough). (b) 4-5 x 1000 (400) @ L plus 4 x 200 (200). Again, unless you are relatively high mileage, four of the 1000s is enough.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023. The (statically) worst day of the year is behind us, but outdoor track is still 6 or 7 weeks away, with Shamrock is a week after that. So it’s still really early. Weather though is not too cold, and dry. There will be two workouts: (a) 1000m breakdown (to be explained on site, but it’s basically 1000, 900, 800, etc at increasing paces as the reps get shorter, with some adjustments to keep the volume from getting too high and (b) 4 x 1000 (400) @ L, followed by 3-5 x 200 (200) @ S. As always, high-volume runners may add reps.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023. (tentative). (a) 2 x 600 (400), 3 x 800 (400), 2 x 600 (400) @ M. This is a good, all-purpose favorite. High volume runners can do more, but the race season for most of you is a long way away, so keep this moderate. We won’t do 150s after this one. (b) 1 x 1200 (400), 3 x 500-500- (400), 1 x 1200 (400) all at . Can add 2-4 x 150. High volume runners do more reps, either as 500-500- or 1200s, as desired. All groups finish with recovery 200s.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023. I took a break posting these after CIM, but I’ll start again for 2023. This is the workout for last Tuesday. Two options: (a) Long alternations. 6-8 K of 600/400 alternations, run at 10K pace for the 600s, and MP for the 400s. This is basically tempo. Run in sets of 2K or 3K, with 400m recovery. (b) 12 x 400 (200) @L. If not too cold, you can add up to 2-4 x 150 (though you might want to drop a bit of volume from the rest of the workout to account for that. (b) workout should do recovery 200s as part of the cooldown.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022. This one will be simple and direct. 6 x 800 (200) @ L. High volume runners can add 2-4 x 150, or more 800s. People tapering for XC Nationals should do 2 x 800 (200) @ L, 1 x 600 (400) @ M, 1 x 400 (400) @ S, 1 x 200 plus recovery 200s if they can control the pace. OR, they can do 6 -7 x 600 (20-25 sec) @ no faster than 10K, plus 2 x 150.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022. We will have 3 workouts. (a) 4-? x 1200 (400) @ L. Plus up to 4 x 150 (if not too cold. (b) Taper workout for those racing this weekend. 6-8 x 600 @ 10K (20-25 sec), 2 x 150. (c) Float version of (a). I.e., 3 – ? x 300-300-300- (@L) plus up to 4 x 150.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022. It’s supposed to be warm and dry (a big surprise), so I’m glad I didn’t post this yesterday, when I was expecting something worse. Let’s try this: 6 x 600 (400) @ M; 3-6 x 200 (200) @ L. High volume runners can add more 600s. Those looking for a longer alternative can do something akin to the (b) workout from last week. Maybe 1600-2400m of 400/400 alternations, 400m recovery, 3-5 x 1000, 1600-2400m of 400/400 alternations. 0-4 x 150. Same concept, slightly less volume, with a different pattern. CIM marathoners will do a variant on this, with volume to be determined on site.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022. We will have 2 main workouts, both on a tempo-style theme (a) 1 x 700/100, 2 x 600/200, 1-2 600/400, 2 x 600/200,1 x 700/100. 2-4 x 150. The alternations shuttle between 10K effort and a marathon-paced float or a little slower. You can do this continuously or break into sets, as needed. This will feel about like a 3 to 2 1/2 mile tempo run. (b) 1600-2400m of 600/200 alternations, 400m recovery, 3-5 x 1000, 1600-2400m of 600/200 alternations. 0-4 x 150. Note the top end of this range adds up to a lot of volume and should only be done by high-volume runners training for CIM. The Most people will find the low end of the range perfectly adequate.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022. There will be 2 workouts, opposite poles of the spectrum. (a) 8-10 x 400 (400) @ S. (b) 3-6 x 1600 (400) @ L. Both should be followed by the recovery 200s as part of your cooldown.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022. We will have three workouts: (a) up to 10 x 500 @ L (1 min) plus 2-4 x 150, (b) 5-10 x 1000 (400) @ L, and (c) a taper workout that will be a lower-volume version of (a).

Tuesday, October 25, 2022. It is fall. No smoke. We will have three highly different workouts. (a) (a) 8-10 x 400 (400). Fun and fast. @S. (b) 4-6 x 300-300-300-300- (400) @ L. (b) is the workout many of you would have done last week if we could have breathed the air. (c) Mix-and-match. I.e., do half of each workout. If you do this, start with the L pace floats, then do the faster 400s on longer recovery.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022. Air quality is currently not great, but it won’t take much of a wind shift to send the fire smoke back to Camas, where it’s coming from. But use your judgment about what is ok for you to run in. There will be two workouts. One is 3-6 x 1 mile @ (400) @L. The other is to do the miles alternation style: 4-6 x 300-300-300-300- (400) @ L. (WORKOUT WAS CANCELLED).

Tuesday, October 11, 2022. (I posted this last week, but apparently then accidentally deleted it.) Fun, fast, and a bit different. We’ll do 6-10 x 800, Yasso style. That means that the time for each 800 will be roughly 1/60th your marathon time. E.g., a 3:15 marathoner would run them in 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Recoveries are identical to the time spent on the prior rep. Thus, you’d run 3:15s on 3:15 recoveries (for 400m, so very slow). Another way to look at this is that this is roughly M pace. So the only thing different from a classic M pace workout is the longer recoveries (and the potential volume). You can flex the recovery time a bit in order to remain with groups.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022. We still have light on the track, so this week we’ll do 1200s and 200s, cross-country style. Specifically, 3 x 1200 (400) @L with the first and third on the loop that includes the upper wood-chip loop. Then 5 x 200 (200) @ S on the track itself. Alternatively, you can keep it all on the track. If it gets too dark (sunset is 6:45), put the last 1200 on the track, too. Other options will be available for those with specific needs.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022. This will be similar to last week, but a bit tougher, especially useful since there’s not a race this weekend (other than marathoners, who will be tapering). Last week we did 600s. This week they are 800s. Same basic protocol: run the first 600m at L pace. Then finish hard. If you’re not prepped for that , run the first 500 at L pace, float 100m, then finish hard. Six reps, on 400m recoveries. High-volume runners talk to me on site and we may add some to it. Other options will be available for people training for longer races.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022. Last workout of summer. We will have two workouts (or two versions of the same workout, to be more precise). For those who are “training through” the first XC race (or not doing it), we will have something we did a few years ago for XC season: 8-? x fast-finish 600s. The protocol is to run the first 400 at L pace, then finish fast. For those wanting a bit more taper, we’ll modify those to run L pace the first 300m, float 100m, then finish hard, and cut the number of reps to 6. Note that both groups are doing 600s, just pacing them differently. 400m recoveries.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022. This is the day for the (much shortened) resurgence of TRL’s Tour de Goose. At the moment, it’s a one-event tour with the event being: drum roll: the Storming of the Bastille. In honor of Marie Antoinette said Bastille stormers will carry cake. Specifically, this will be a 400m or so uphill dash, to be done at the end of the workout. To ensure that everyone gets done with the main workout at about the same time, it will be another group-building classic: 12 x 400 on 50 percent recoveries, done in groups. Low-volume runners might want to hold it to 10 reps to save energy for the sprint. Most of you have done this workout before, but I will explain onsite.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022. It’s hot again, but shade is more prevalent, and we’re used to this by now. So the workout is 1000m breakdown. We last did that on July 5, if you want instructions. High mileage folks will add some rat-a-tat 400s at the end. An alternative workout or workouts will be designed on site for those with specific needs.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022. It was hot. We did the hill cone workout.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022. The weather looks good (for those who’ve heat acclimated), so we will do something very unusual. Start with 5 x 700 (300) hard (whatever that is). Then 3 x 500 (300) harder. High volume runners (meaning those running more than 40 miles a week) can add one 700 or 500 for every 10K they run beyond 40 miles a week. If you’re not sure what your 700m or 500m time should be, take splits at 200m or 400m and just hold the pace. This will be fun, fast, and nothing we’ve ever done before, which in and of itself is always fun.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022. Two options today. (A) 12s and 2s. Specifically, 3 x 1200 (400) @L, and 4-6 x 200 (200) @S. High-volume runners can do up to 5 1200s. The 1200s can be on the track or cross-country style on the chips and trail (or a mix). (B) 2-mile time trial followed by up to 2 miles of rat-a-tat 400s.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022. We will continue the progression. Floats. We will do 4 sets of 300-300-300-, plus the usual 0-4 x 150 for those who want it. (High mileage folks can do 5 sets of the 300s). On other matters, I have been asked about Saturdays on the Grass. They will indeed occur in cross-country season. I’d been thinking of them in August, but I’m trying to keep options open for a bit of vacation, something I’ve not done much of during Covid. That said, I am willing to do these on an ad hoc basis any weekend I’m in town, starting this Saturday. If you are interested, please comment, and we can select a site. This will become more formally organized after Labor Day.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022. Yay, temps under 90! We have another heat wave coming but have a break to do a more normal workout. That said, it’s still fairly early season, so let’s do a fun…early season workout. We’ll do 10 x 500 on 1 min recoveries, with the option of up to 4 x 150 at the end. If you’d rather go longer, an option is 3 x 1 mile @ T (75 sec); 1 x 800 @M (400), 1 x 400 @ S (400) and 1-4 x 150 hard (2:30 walking recoveries.

Tuesday July 26, 2022. It is going to be hot, but as of now, Tuesday practice is not cancelled. But neither am I heavily promoting it. You folks are responsible adults and some of you are quite well heat acclimated. The magic word that allows this to go on is “shade.” We will assemble on the shady side of the track, then do the hill cone workout on Terwilliger, where shade and trees should make it bearable. (If we had no choice but sun on the track, I would cancel.) Bring water, because Terwilliger is 400m from the water fountain). Don’t bring macho attitudes. Take your time on the recoveries, and if you’ve decided you’ve had enough, call it a day. If you’ve done nothing to heat acclimate this summer, sit this one out. If last Tuesday was reasonably comfortable and you’ve not been dodging heat ever since, you are probably decently acclimated–that day was 90 at the time of the workout, with less recovery (a higher “density” of speed) and partly in sun. Friday was 84 with 3 miles of continuous run. An alternative that at least one person will be doing is very short sprints, in the shady part of the track with long recoveries. That is an option for those wanting to do something completely different, because so long as you are comfortable with the air temperature you don’t have time to build up much internal heat.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022. We will have two workouts. (a) 12 x 400 on “50 percent” recovery. I’ll explain to those who’ve not done it before. If it’s hot, we may stage out of the shaded side of the track. (Which allows you to do recovery in the shade.) (b) a repeat of last week’s hill loops through the woods. (c) Whatever is relevant to what ever anyone else is training for.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022. The July 5 workout was altered by unseasonable weather and the fact that most of the group had either raced a half-marathon the day before or had done altitude camps where they’d run long distances on trails. Given that, the workout was revised and the posted one postponed until a larger, recovered, group was ready for it. I.e, this week’s workout is the one not run last week: 1000m breakdown. We will also warm up with 1-2 x 30m flies, just to learn the protocol. Other options are possible, but you’ll have to tell me your target race, when you show up. An alternative will be 1-mile to 2K loops in the wooded trails behind Duniway. Route to be explained on site.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022. Weather looks warm but seasonable, so we’re good for whatever your heat acclimatization now allows (which should be a lot). We will have multiple options. #1: 1000m breakdown. We’ve not done this since April, and it’s fun. Starts with 1000m at L pace, then 900, 800, etc, all the way down to 200, speeding up as you go. Details are on Outside, or will be presented on site. This if fun, and popular. #2 is tempo alternations: up to 8K of 800/200 alternations, for those looking for long races in the near future. We will also warm up with 1-2 x 30m flies, just to learn the protocol.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022. We have two workouts. (a) Aussies, plus 0-4 x 150. (b) 1 x 1000 (400), 1 x 800 (400), 1 x 600 (400), 1 x 400 (400), 1 x 200, followed by 4-8 x rat-a-tat 400s. Start at L pace on the long intervals, and speed up as you go down the ladder.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022. First day of summer, and gonna be warm and very sunny. So we will do hills in the shade, on Terwilliger. Most of you know the drill: roughly 100m, 200m, 300m, and 400m, in sets, recover back down the hill. Three sets for most; 4 sets for high-volume runners. There is also a taper workout for people doing Rose City Mile. It is 1 x 800 (200), 1 x 600 (200), a x 500 (300), 1 x 400 (400), 1 x 200. People doing this can move up to the hill for the three short ones. For those doing the Flat Half (and who don’t feel too strongly affected by the heat, we will do tempo runs in the shade. I will show you the loop, but you can run up the hill by the trail down the sidewalk, and back to Duniway in mile repeats, with floats. 30 min of that is a good workout.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022. We will continue to have multiple options. #1 is for those doing the Rose City Mile (or just interested in testing themselves at the mile distance). It’s a quick, intense, test, called the Kosmin Test. Run 60 sec as hard as you can. Bring something to mark how far you get (anything you can carry and drop at the spot). Recover 3 min (walking). Return to the marked spot and run another 60 sec, as hard as you can. Again, mark your spot. This time, the recovery is 2 min. Then run another all-out 60 sec, take a 1 min recovery, and do a final all-out 60 sec. Your total distance, can be used to predict your mile time. More importantly, how you fare on each of these reps is a strong indicator of how you need to train. Then, take an 800m jog recovery and finish with 3 x 800 (200) @ L pace. High volume runners can add 1-2 more 800s. Option #2. This one is utterly different, and focused on much longer runs. Start with 2 miles of 700/100 alternations (700 at 10K pace, 100 as a moderate jog). Recover for 400m, then do 2000m of 200/200 alternations, as last week. Finish with 4 x 150, hard. High-volume runners can add extra 700/100 alternations, or do more 200/200 alternations. Option #3. Kosmin test followed by up to 6 x 400 (15 sec) @ T. I call these rat-a-tat 400s. If you want to read about the Kosmin test, my article is here: https://www.outsideonline.com/health/running/racing/race-strategy/filling-the-unforgiving-minute-predict-your-mile-time-with-the-kosmin-test/?fbclid=IwAR1umlejEm393KzCEvdZ6o60787LSRdE3fu7CmkDFI8OOWZTbZZ2deX6SAI.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022. We will again have several options. Option #1. 6-11 x 600 (25 sec) @ 10K pace, plus 0-4 x 150, hard. This one is largely for those tapering for races this weekend. (They should do only 6 reps of the 600s, plus 2 of the 150). It’s also good for low mileage runners, who can do fewer than 11 reps.) Option #2. Repeat modified “Pre’s 200s” as described last week. Last week taught you the rhythm; this week let’s you drill it in. Option #3. Option #3: Three to four sets of 3 x 300 (1 min) @S or a touch faster, on 500m SLOW recovery between sets, as we did on May 17. Note: Four sets of this is A LOT, so three sets is probably enough. Option #4 (if your goal is the Flat Half, with nothing in between), 3-6 x 2000, run as 600/400 alternations, on 400m jog recovery. Or just do a lot of the 600s in option #1.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Option #1. For (normally) 5K runners working on the mile. 2 x 800 (200) @ L, 2 x 400 (400) @ S, 2 x 200 (200) @ F, 2 x 400 (400) @ S, 1-2 x 800 (200) @ L. Option #2. Modified “Pre’s 200s.” This is Pre’s famous 30/40 workout, adjusted for your pace. The fast 200 is at vVO2max, probably midway between 1500m and 3K pace. The “slow” one is a little slower than marathon pace. Run continuously, until you’ve had enough. I know; that’s scary. Figure totaling 2-3 miles of it, with a set break, if needed. But if you run it too fast you won’t get there. Option #3. “Ersatz miles”: 3 x 600-400-600- (500) @ L; 4 x 150. Option 4. For low-mileage runners. Do Option 2, but limit the volume and run the “slow” 200s a bit slower–briskly, but not super briskly. Take set breaks as needed. Don’t exceed 2 miles.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Option #1. 1 x 800 (200) @L; 1 x 600 (200) @L; 2 x 400 (400) @S; 2 x 200 (200) @F; 2 x 400 (400) @S , 1 x 600 (200) @L; 1 x 800 @L (optional). This is great for milers, or just for fun. Option #2: 4-6 x 400 (400) @ S; 4-6 x 200 (200) @s. Option #3 (for new runners), 6-8 x 400 (200) @ L.

Tuesday May 17, 2022. Option #1. 1 x 1000 (400), 3-? x 500-500-, (400) 1 x 1000 all @ L. Option #2. Aussies. Those are 3 miles of 400/200 alternations. Do the 400s at L or M, the 200s at marathon pace. Fast and fun. Higher volume runners can add extra reps of #1 or #2, or do up to 4 x 150 at the end. Option #3: 3 to 4 sets of 3 x 300 (1 min) @L or a touch faster, on 500m SLOW recovery between sets. Note: Four sets of this is A LOT, so three sets is probably enough.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Option #1: 2 x 600 (400), 3 x 800 (400), 2 x 600(400) @ M. Option #2: 1 x 1 mile @ T; 1 x 800 @ M (400); 1 x 600 @M (400), two sets of 400 (400) 200 (200) @ S. Option #3: whatever is appropriate for anyone else’s needs, as conveyed to me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022. We will have 2 options, plus whatever anyone else wants to do (and might get company for). Option #1: 10 x 500 (1 min) @ L. Do this in groups, and let the recovery time vary a bit so you can regroup. People tapering for Saturday track (I know of at least one) should do a reduced number of these. Can finish with 2-4 x 150, if desired (you might want to drop one or two of the 500s if you do that unless you are running more than 40 miles per week). This is a popular, fun 5K/10K workout, and we’ve not done it for a while, as far as I can tell. Option #2: Ersatz miles. 3 x 600-400-600– (400) @ L, plus up to 4 x 150. The astute will note that these miles are actually 2000s. They have 1600m of speed. Note the double float after the final 600. That makes it 200m of float.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022. Option (a). After all the floats, Billats, etc., we will do something much more standard: twelves and twos. That’s 3 x 1200 (400) @ L and up to 6 x 200 (200) @ S. High volume runners can do extra 1200s–how many we can discuss at the track. Option (b). Ersatz miles. 3 x 600-400-600- (300 slow) @ L. 4 x 150. We will have at least one person doing this for a June marathon. (c) Taper workout for Eugene. 6 x 600 (20-25 sec) @ T to 10K pace. 3 x 150.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Two options, both a bit exotic, because in second winter we need to find fun! (a) 7 x 700 (300) @ M (take the 300m slowly). (b) 4 x 500-500- (400) @ L and up to 3 x 200 (200) @S.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Three options. (a) Floats plus a bit of speed. 3 x 300-300-300-300- (400) @L or M. 1 x 400 (400) @ S. 2 x 200 (200) @S. Unless it’s wickedly cold, then do another set of floats. (Notation for this is described above, re nomenclature.) (b) Taper workout for Boston. 6-8 x 600 (25 sec) @ T; 2 x 150. (c) For longer upcoming races like Eugene: 3-5 x 2000m @ T (90 sec). Can be done as alternations.

Tuesday, April 5, 2020. Two options, short and fast and not-so-short and not-so-fast. (a) 1000m breakdown. We did this a couple months ago, before Billats. I’d like to come back to it afterward. It’s also a very good general preparation workout for a wide range of races. If you don’t know the workout, there’s an article about it linked on the lead running and coaching section of this website. (b) 600/400 alternations. Up to 8K of them total, either in one large set or smaller ones of 2K or 3K. This is a good one for those doing Eugene.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022. As always, there will be two options. (a) Billats. Round 2. Plus 4 x 150 if desired. (b) 600/400 alternations. This is for the marathoners (Boston or Eugene). Volume is up to 10 percent of your weekly volume, plus one mile. Note the world “up to.” Non marathoners can do 6K of this. Can be broken into sets if needed. The 600 is at 10K to tempo pace, the 400 is at marathon pace or a touch slower. If done in sets, make them 2K or 3K with 400m recoveries.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022. We will have 2 options. (a) Hill cone drill; (b) 4 x 400 (400) @ S (for those who prefer track; (c) 600/400 alternations (if anyone wants long tempo), 4 to 8 km total, in sets.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022. We will have three options. (a) 3 sets of 3 x 300 @ S (1 min). (b) Billat 30-30s. This is a whistle drill. 30 sec at M pace, 30 sec float. (First rep is 1 min, just to get you going.). Continue as far as seems reasonable, continuously. If you don’t make it at least 10 minutes, take a set break and repeat. Anything more than 15 or 16 minutes of this is a lot, so this is intense but short. (c) 6 to 10K of 600/400 alternations (400m recovery between sets of 2K or 3K). Paces are 10K/marathon pace. 10K for the 600, marathon pace for the float.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022. Today had 2 main workouts. (a) 4 x 800 (200), @ L; 2 x 400 @ S, 2 x (200) @ S. People tapering for Shamrock 5K will do the same, but with fewer reps. (b) 4-6 x 1 mile @ 10K (75 sec).

Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Cold gone. Wet back. We will have 3 possible workouts: The main one is 4 x 800 (400) @M; then 3 x 400 (400) @ S. Workout (b) will be 6-8 x 600 (20-25 sec) @ 10K and 3 x 400 (400) @ S. And if anyone wants to do long intervals, they can do 3-4 x 2K @ T (90 sec).

Tuesday, February 22, 2022. It’s gonna be cold, so we’ll do long and aerobic, and save the shorter more intense work for better conditions. That said, the dew point is very low, so we probably won’t have to contend with frost. (I hope). We will have 3 options. (a) 5-? x 1000 (400) @ L. (b) Same, but some of the 1000s can be done as 400-400- floats (this is less intense if you’re just getting into speed for the season). (c) 3-5 x 2K @ T (90 sec). It’s too cold for 150s, so we’ll save those.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022. Two options. (a) 1000m breakdown, described below for November 6, 2021. It’s a great one to do as we are ramping up for the start of track season and for Shamrock. It’s a also good prep for Billat 30-30s, which I’ll want to do a couple rounds of. (b) 5-8 x 1000 (400) @ L (or a second or two a lap slower if doing more than 5). This one is for those contemplating longer races. Recovery 200s are good for both workouts. Neither workout will have hard 150s at the end.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022. Workout options: (a) 6 – 8 x 800 (400) @ M. Plus 0-3 x 150. Definitely do the 200m recovery intervals after this one. (b) 3-5 x 2K as 600/400 alternations (90 sec) @10K/a bit slower than Marathon pace, plus the 150s. Recovery 200s optional for this one.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Wow, a new month, and probably no ice tonight. The workout will be floats, continuing a progression of short-recovery intervals. Let’s do 4 to 5 x 300-300-300- (400) @ L. Those are basically 1200s, with 900m at 5K pace, and 300 in the floats. Finish with up to 4 x 150. High-mileage runners can do 6 sets.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022. We will start with a new drill, probably on the soccer field if the track is busy with other groups. This is a skill we’ve practiced occasionally, but not recently, and we will use it instead of normal strides: practicing making 180-degree turns around a cone, as you do in a road race. Most people do this inefficiently, without thinking much about it, and if you find the most efficient way (for you) you can pick up a couple of seconds each time a course does this. And it’s fun. The workout will be 12 x 400 on “50 percent” recoveries. We last did this 11/23 (also paired with the 500s we did last week; I like to use these to reinforce each other). Scroll down for instructions. This will be followed with up to 4 x 150 and the recovery 200s we’ve been doing. If you want something different, you can do 4-6 x 1 mile @ 10K pace (75 sec)

Tuesday, January 18, 2022. We will start with something new. 1-2 x 30m flies unless the temperature is colder than predicted. Mostly, I want to teach this, so you can do it on your own. This will take about 2 minutes, maybe 3. Then the main workout is 10 x 500 (1 min) @ L. This is a fun, quick, workout, which we do ever couple months. It’s also a good one for early season. Followed by up to 4 x 150 and the 200m recovery reps we’ve been doing. If you want something totally different, you can do 4-6 x 1 mile @ 10K pace (75 sec).

Tuesday, January 11, 2022. As usual, we will have two workouts (or more if someone is working toward a specific goal). The (a) workout is a 3000m time trial. We did this a while ago, but there are people who either didn’t do it then, or have sped up enough it would be good to repeat it. That will be followed by 6 rat-a-tat 400s (400s run at 10K pace on 15 sec recovery). The (b) workout will be 2 x 3000m of 600/400 alternations (trading 10K and marathon paces, with 400m easy between sets). Both groups can, add 2 x 150 at the end, though the time trialers might not want to.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Welcome to the new year. Weather looks wet but not cold by recent standards. For those going to San Diego Nationals, there will be a taper workout, described on site, based on who is there. For the rest, my first suggestion is to arrive early enough that after your normal warmup, you can find somebody who does drills, and get them to teach you their routine.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021. The last workout of 2021 (may it rest in peace and yield to a happier 2022). I’m not sure of track conditions, so let’s go for a workout that can be run on the turf, just to the inside of the track, if footing requires. We will do an inverted pyramid. 1 x 1200 (400), 1 x 800 (400), 2 x 400 (400), 1 x 800 (400), 1 x 1200. Start at L pace for the 400, and, if temps and conditions warrant, speed up. I will be in Zoom until at least 5:30 and live toward the east, where it’s colder and icier, so if I can’t make it, Lauren is in charge. If the track is slick, use the infield. That should have good footing, but use your judgment. Finish with the 5 easy 200m cooldown reps we’ve used before.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021. There will be one main workout: 2 x 600 (400), 3 x 800 (400), 2 x 600 (400) @ M. This is a nice all-purpose workout that allows time to regroup with your friends, which is good on the darkest Tuesday of the year (at least in this hemisphere).

Tuesday, December 14, 2021. The “a” workout will be a precision pacing competition. 12 x 400 (200) at the pace you hit in last week’s time trial (or any other pace you want). On the first rep, you pick your target pace, and try to hit it, using however many splits you need. On the second, you can change your target pace, based on the first rep time, but for it and the rest of the workout, you can’t look at your watch until you’ve finished the rep. Score 1 point for each second you are off pace, or, if you are really good, 0.1 point for each 1/10th sec. Low score wins. The “b” workout is for those who really, really don’t want to do this: 3-6 x 1 mile (400) @ 10K pace. Or, you can do 12 x 400 (200) without engaging in precision pacing,

Tuesday, December 7, 2021. For those going to Florida, this is a taper workout. You did tempo Saturday, so we’ll do a truncated workout to touch on faster speed. 3-4 x 600 (200) @ L, 4 x 200 (200) @ S. For the rest, we’ll do two things. (a) a 3000m time trial (or any other distance you want. (b) 6 x 600 (200) @ L, 6 x 200 (200) @ S.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Two options. One is the 1000m breakdown we’ve done before. It’s a great peaking workout for those going to nationals. The other is Aussies, which I suggested as an alternative last week, but instead did with Friday’s group. Both of these are described below. Aussies can be followed by 4 x 150, hard. And both should be followed by the 5 easy cool-down 200s we’ve done before.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021. Two options. Another old favorite: 400s run on “50 percent recovery” or Aussies. That’s two workouts. The 400s are 12 x 400, starting in groups at set intervals, based on how fast you’re running, with each repeat starting about 150 percent the amount of time you spend on the repeat. (Hence the “50 percent recovery”). Eg., if you’re running about 80s, you’d start every 120 sec. If you’re running 8 minute miles (2:00), you’d start every 3 minutes. We’ll have groups in 15 second ranges so everyone probably has companions. 12 reps total. Aussies are more of a tempo run, done as 400 hard and 200m float, for 3 nonstop miles. “Hard” means 5K to 3K effort. Float is about marathon pace. Finish both workouts with up to 4 x 150, and start the cooldown with the 5×200 at 10K effort we’ve done before. In groups, for team support. That’s a lot of instructions, but many of you have done this before, and I’ll explain more on site.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Another old favorite, and great for prepping for Saturday’s race for those of you doing it. Up to 10 x 500 (1 min) @ L. This also works really well with groups. For those tapering, I’d recommend holding it to 6-7 of these. Plus up to 4 x 150, hard. As an alternative (not taper) do 3-4 x 2K @ T (90 sec). Or consult on site.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021. This week we’re going to go back and repeat a popular one we did five weeks ago: the 1000m breakdown. It’s great prep for XC regionals at Pier, or pretty much anything else, because it hits all the variables. It goes like this: 1000m (400), 900 (300), 800 (200), 700 (300), 600 (4000), 500 (300), 400 (400), 300 (300) 200 (done.) The volume is high enough that people running less than 45 miles a week should skip the 500. The recoveries look weird, but realize that they, and the preceding interval, always add up to an even number of 100s. I.e., you always start at the 400m start or the 200m start. Paces start at L pace, and speed up. By the end, you can be at 800m pace. If that’s not to your taste or you have long-race goals, like a marathon, do 3-6 x 1 mile @ 10K pace on 75-90 sec recovery.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021. We will again have 2 options. (a) Taper workout for XC state championships. The big race is Saturday, so we want to stay sharp but not push. The hay is in the barn; the goal is to keep it from getting moldy. 6-8 x 600 (20-25 sec) @ T. And, 2-4 x 150 hard. Then finish as last week with “200s” in your recovery, but not fast! (See last week for instructions.) (b) Non-taper: 3-? x 1200 (400) @ L plus 4-6 x 200 (200) @ S.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021. Two options. (a) 5-? x 800/200 (400). Same concept as last week, but longer. Run the 800 at L pace, then finish fast. Think “S” pace, but it won’t be that fast. Finish with 5 x 200 @ 10K pace, no faster (30 sec walk). The 200s are the start of your cool-down. Reduce your normal cool-down volume by 1000m to accommodate. (b) 3-5 x 2K @ T effort (90 sec). Most people will want the (a) workout.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021. Two options: (a) 6-? x 600/200 (400). Run the 600 at L pace, then finish fast. I like to call this “S” pace, but it won’t be that fast. Full recoveries; (b) 3-6 x 1 mile @ 10K effort (75 sec). Most people will want the (a) workout.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Two workouts. The main one is Billat 30-30s under a protocol slightly different then we usually use. Run 30 sec at maximum aerobic speed (MAS), 30 sec moderate to easy, then back to MAS, etc. Target 2-3 sets of 20 min each, with a 3 min jog recovery. How many you do will depend on whether you do the recovery moderate, or easy. Note: either way, this is easier than the way we’ve done Billats before. We are in racing season; hence the adjustment. MAS, btw, is probably the speed you can maintain in a race lasting 7 or 8 minutes. I.e., somewhere between S pace and L pace. Do the first repeat of each set at 1 minute, so you can get a 200m split and verify your pacing isn’t too far off. I will blow a whistle for this, unless there’s a soccer match (as opposed to practice) that a whistle messes up. If I can’t do that, there is a variation on this that can be done without the whistle. An alternative workout for those either tapering or looking for something different is 600s @ no faster than 10K effort (12K better) on 20-25 sec recovery. If you are tapering, do 6-8 of these, plus 2-4 x 150. If you aren’t tapering, do 11, plus 2 x 150. (High volume runners can do more.)

Tuesday, October 5, 2021. Facebook was down, but TRL isn’t. Here’s the workout. The (a) one is one we’ve done before this fall: 1000m breakdown. It’s still good, especially at this point in XC season. It goes like this: 1000m (400), 900 (300), 800 (200), 700 (300), 600 (4000), 500 (300), 400 (400), 300 (300) 200 (done.) The volume is high enough that people running less than 45 miles a week should skip the 500. The recoveries look weird, but realize that they, and the preceding interval, always add up to an even number of 100s. I.e., you always start at the 400m start or the 200m start.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021. This may be our first rain run of the fall. But we’re tough, right? (And it’s not cold yet, anyway.) Let’s try something a bit different.(A) 4 to 5 x 5 minutes with about 3 minutes recovery. (For most, four will be plenty). Divide yourself into groups and start each one at the same place. Start at 10K effort and speed up to 5K effort or just a touch faster. The goal is to progress this so you get a bit farther each time. If you have anything left, add up to 4 x 150 at the end. (B) For marathoners, 3-5 x 2000m (90 sec) @ T. But consult first re volume, depending on how close your marathon is.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021. Two choices. (A) 12×400 @ L, starting every 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, etc. Pick the time so that it is about 1 1/2 times longer than your likely 400m speed. Thus if you are doing 75s to 85s, you start every 2:00. If you are doing 85s to 95s, every 2:15, etc. This works best in groups. (B) 4 miles of 700/100 alternations, nonstop. The 700s are at T, the 100s are floats. High mileage runners can extend.