Saturdays on the Grass (fall XC!)

The 2022 cross-country season looms, and with Labor Day on the horizon (as in, the day after tomorrow) it’s time to think about this year’s Saturdays on the Grass cross-country workouts.

So here’s the good news: they are back. The schedule is below, but please realize that this is a work in progress subject to, among other things, the vagaries of weather and who knows what else. So bookmark this page, and return back to it for updates.

Workouts begin at 9:00 am, warmed up and ready for strides.

Sept. 10. Sellwood Park. Meet at the gate 1 1/2 blocks north of the historic church.

Sept. 17. Fernhill Park. This will preview the first Stumptown course of the season. And give a good workout.

Sept. 24. Fernhill Park. RACE.

Oct. 1. Mary S. Young State Park. Meet at the “upper” gravel parking lot. Not that it is “upper” by a lot. It’s on the left, just as the road turns right to swing around the soccer fields.

Oct 8. Mary S. Young State Park. RACE

Oct. 15. Sellwood Park. Meet at the gate 1 1/2 blocks north of the historic church.

Oct. 12. Pier Park preview. The race isn’t for two weeks, but Strawberry Island is next week, so this is the time to preview it.

Oct. 29. Strawberry Island (North Bonneville, WA). RACE. Let’s hope it doesn’t pour like it did for the last two years.

Nov 5 Pier Park. RACE

Nov 12. Probably Glendoveer, but TBD, based on weather. Presume that this week and the next two will be here, Sellwood, or Mary S Young, based on trail conditions.

Nov 19. TBD

Nov 26. TBD

Dec. 3. Wilshire Park. This is small enough we’ll easily find each other, but start on the Skidmore side. This is an all-weather chip course, flat, about 1K around. Great for a taper workout. Workout is 6 x l lap (very, very close to 1000m) at tempo effort on 45 sec recoveries. Plus 4 x 30 sec hard.

Dec. 10. USATF Club Cross-Country Nationals. San Francisco, CA. RACE

Dec 17. TBD

Dec 24. Yipes. Christmas. TBD

Dec 31, TBD.

Jan. 7. TBD

Jan 14. TBD

Jan. 21. USATF Cross-Country Nationals. Richmond VA, RACE. End of season.