Saturdays on the Grass (fall XC!)

After a year off due to COVID, Team Red Lizard’s popular Saturdays on the Grass cross-country workouts are back. Here is the tentative schedule. Please note: this is tentative. Check back here for changes, which I sometimes make due to weather.

Workouts begin at 9:00 am, warmed up and ready for strides. Please follow all applicable Multnomah County COVID rules.

Sept. 11. Sellwood Park. Meet at the gate 1 1/2 blocks north of the historic church.

Sept. 18. Duniway Park. Note: this coincides with the Rose City Mile, which a lot of Lizards will be running. Those preferring “on the grass” run trails behind the park. We may have to move the start time to 8 am. Stay tuned. There are some magnificently hilly loops we can run while staying out of the way of the track meet…and then being present to cheer on the milers in their various heats. Start time will be adjusted around the heat schedule for the mile, so we finish in time to cheer.

Sept. 25. Lents Park. RACE.

Oct. 1. Mary S. Young State Park. Meet at the “upper” gravel parking lot. Not that it is “upper” by a lot. It’s on the left, just as the road turns right to swing around the soccer fields.

Oct 9. Mary S. Young State Park. RACE

Oct. 16. Glendoveer Golf Course, to give a break to the East-siders. (Besides it’s a fun place to practice hills. Strawberry Island is too far away for a preview run.) Meet at the SW corner of the loop trail, near the practice green. (That’s at the west side of the Glisan St. parking lot.) The route will be roughly 800m repeats on a wood chip and dirt hill of varying grades. No spikes (they’ll pick up wood chips). This should be a good all-weather surface.

Oct. 23. Strawberry Island (North Bonneville, WA). RACE. Let’s hope it doesn’t pour like it did two years ago. Though at the moment, Oregon could use a rain like that…

Oct. 30. Fernhill Park preview. Meet near the north end of the track.

Nov 6. Fernhill Park. RACE

Nov 13. Pier Park, Preview. Meet near the traffic circle and the bathrooms.

Nov. 20. Pier Park. RACE

Nov 27. Mary S. Young. We will meet in the “upper” gravel parking lot and run rolling g hills. This gives us ups and downs on a surface that stood up well to the recent rains (I ran it on Sunday.) We will not do the full loop, but will instead do a variant designed to produce more numerous, but shorter, hills on a route I would guess to be 1 mile, but I’ll measure it on site.

Dec. 4. Wilshire Park. This is small enough we’ll easily find each other, but start on the Skidmore side. This is an all-weather chip course, flat, about 1K around. Great for a taper workout. Workout is 6 x l lap (very, very close to 1000m) at tempo effort on 45 sec recoveries. Plus 4 x 30 sec hard.

Dec. 11. USATF Club Cross-Country Nationals. Tallahassee, Florida. RACE

Dec 18. Mary S. Young. This will be a repeat of what we did on 11/27. Sorry to repeat this soon, but this is a good workout, on a surface that should hold up to the weather (which is saying a lot).

Dec 25. Yipes. Christmas. Will not be Saturday this week.

Jan. 1. Another Yipes. We’ll figure out the schedule for those going to San Diego as the meet gets closer.

Jan. 8. USATF Cross-Country Nationals. San Diego, CA. RACE. End of season.