Uncategorized (A Not Totally Random Blog)

Throughout my writing life, one of my guiding principles has been that anything worth doing is worth writing about…and anything worth writing about is worth my personal engagement. When I backpacked, I wrote about backpacking…but only places I already wanted to go. When I wrote about science, I wrote about topics that enthused me, not just ones that pay the rent. Likewise, sports and coaching writing came either from personal experience or as an outgrowth of researching something I otherwise needed to know.

Hence the name for this blog. If I write on the same topic more than once, I might list categories to facilitate browsing, but this is a place where I want let fun, enthusiasm, and personal interest flow in whatever directions they lead.

So if you need trigger warnings, beware: there could be anything here–politics, cool science, stories of almost falling off a mountain, running, or even the occasional movie review. If you’re looking for a unifying slant, it’s this:

Basically, if it’s worth my doing, I might figure it’s worth writing about. Or not. For me, that uncertainty is part of the fun of this endeavor.