Wishing on My Father’s Star by Holly Hight (Richard A. Lovett, Ed.)

Gina Dalton is nine when she discovers the dirt track across from her new home in Archer, Nevada. She knows she’s found something special—her own place to run, play, and dream of becoming a track star. Then her father gives her his prize possession, a medal from a long-ago championship. But the gift comes with a burden: that win was the defining moment of his life, a triumph he would never again recapture.

As her father drifts from one impossible quest to another, Gina begins living for the dream he abandoned: to become a world-class distance runner. But is it her dream or his? Are dreams enough? Beautifully rendered against the sunburnt desert pastels in which Gina first ran free, and illuminated with exhilarating running scenes, Wishing on My Father’s Star is the poignant tale of a young woman trying to decide which of two futures she wants—a gripping coming-of-age story for anyone who has ever dared test their dreams.

“The women’s version of ‘Once A Runner'”–Amy Yoder Begley, 2008 10K Olympian

“[It] stirred every emotion from anger and despair to hope and triumph. I couldn’t stop reading.” — 2012 and 2016 Olympian Kim Conley

I didn’t write this book, but I edited and produced it and am very pleased with the result. It’s available here in print and Kindle, along with more information about the author.