Tiffany Jenks Update: Joshua Robinett Again Arrested

On a different section of this site, I’ve talked at length about the murder of my former flatmate, Tiffany Jenks.

One of the trio of people involved in her death, Joshua Robinett, was arrested on charges unrelated to Tiffany on November 11, in Multnomah County. He now faces new charges of Assault, Harassment. (At least, I presume it’s the same Joshua Robinett; the mug shot looks like him, and the age matches.)

Note: a prior version of this post, included Attempted Rape among the charges. That has been dropped, leaving only misdemeanor assault and harassment in what, from the few documents presently available, appears to have been a domestic violence situation. (Thanks to a friend who’s good at searching court records for puzzling this out.)

In Tiffany’s case, Robinett was charged with obstructing justice, for which he was sentenced to 12 months. He also was convicted of child sex abuse (I don’t know the precise charge), for abusing his co-obstructer’s daughter. I heard that he was sentenced to 5 years for that, but I don’t know how long he served.

The relevance of this to Tiffany is that her ex-boyfriend, John S. Captain, has long argued that Robinett was a truly bad apple who would soon enough hurt someone else.

Mr. Captain is of the opinion that Tiffany’s murder was a hit, and that Robinett escaped greater punishment due to a deep-state conspiracy and police coverup (and or Illuminati mind control and related theories that he has promoted on radio talk shows).

I disagree with Mr. Captain’s Q-anon style theories, but I agree that Robinett got off lightly. (For legal details on why this happened, see the Tiffany Jenks section of this site).

The current charges against him are, of course, not  yet proven. But if the allegations are true, I hope that this time he goes away for a much longer time. He always looked to me like the most dangerous of the three involved in Tiffany’s death, even though he was not the shooter. On that, I agree with Mr. Captain.

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