Expressions of Aging, with John Keston

Expressions of Aging, with John Keston. In 1993, a few months shy of his 70th birthday, John Keston became the oldest person ever to break 3 hours for a marathon. The moment he turned 70, he set out to do it again, seeking the 70-74 age-group world record. A man of passion and diverse interests (in his professional life Keston had been a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, starred in a Neil Simon musical, raised turkeys, and lied about his age to enlist in the RAF), he threw himself at the goal more times than sanity would suggest, repeatedly coming within a whisker of success. Ten marathons later…well, I won’t spoil the ending, though the heart of the story is about the quest and his evocative descriptions of racing and the joy of running. Mixed in are descriptions of his other feats – many quite humorous – depicting a man whose primary characteristic was something the British would call “sheer cussed-mindedness.”

Print copies still exist. Contact me if you want one.